Housing & Social Services

  1. Bugbee Senior Center

    Provides a variety of services to individuals over 60, predominately in the communities of Hartford, Hartland, Norwich and Thetford, Vermont to enable them to remain independent and involved members of the community.

  2. Hartford Housing Authority

    Contact the Vermont State Housing Authority regarding Section 8 housing in the Town of Hartford.

  3. Health Care & Rehabilitation of Southern Vermont

    Find more information about how Health Care and Rehabilitation Services' assists and advocates individuals, families and children living with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorders.

  4. OnCall for Vermont

    OnCall for Vermont is the hub for health-focused volunteering, training and response in Vermont.

  5. Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

    Retired Senior Volunteer Program volunteers work as literacy tutors for adults, leaders of exercise classes for seniors, companions to elders living alone, and in hospitals, schools, museums and libraries.

  6. Upper Valley Haven

    Review the services provided by The Upper Valley Haven, a non-profit shelter for the homeless.

  7. Vermont Adult Learning

    Vermont Adult Learning, a member of the statewide adult education and literacy system called Learning Works, is an educational non-profit which serves individuals age 16 and older who are out of school and in need of education services.

  8. Vermont Center for Independent Living

    Since 1979, The Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL) has been teaching people with significant disabilities and the Deaf how to gain more control over their lives and how to access tools and services to live more independently.

  9. Women's Informational Services (WISE)

    For 40 years, WISE has been committed to the mission of empowering victims of domestic and sexual violence to become safe and self-reliant through crisis intervention and support services.