2017 Town-wide Revaluation News

The Lister's/Assessor Office is in the process of a town-wide revaluation of all real properties in the Town of Hartford.  This commenced in February 2016 and will be completed by July 1, 2017.  This will constitute the 2017 Grand List.


We are still in the outskirts of QUECHEE and working in West Hartford and along Jericho/Dothan area. We are also going down Route 5. David Kersula, David Ingelse and Joe Jenkins are working as well as two new data collectors: Steve Griffin and Rick Kulp.  Both men have years of experience in the appraisal field and with Vision.
From here on out Pat will not be scheduling revisit appointments.  Vision will be sending a letter later in the process to all properties that have not been inspected to schedule appointments thru their online and phone call-in centers.  You will be able to schedule your own appointment thru this automated system at your convenience. 
It is critical for a good outcome to be able to verify the data we have and make updates as well as corrections so we have a good grand list.  You know the old adage--garbage in, garbage out----PLEASE let them in!

'Accurate Data = Good Grand List'
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 295-3077 or email us at listers@hartford-vt.org 


A Revaluation is the process of performing all of the necessary Market Analysis and Valuation steps to determine accurate and equitable values for all properties within a municipality. The equalization of the values within Town creates a fair distribution of the tax burden. The purpose of a Revaluation is not to raise taxes. The purpose is to create an equitable distribution of the tax load. 
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    For more detailed information go to http://www.vgsi.com/vision/Applications/Reval/Home.aspx


Representatives from Vision Government Solutions of Northborough, Mass, the firm hired by the Town of Hartford, will perform a Town-wide property re-inspection program as part of the 2017 town-wide Revaluation. These inspections began in February 2016. This is a vital part of the process and will take approximately 10 month to complete.

The data collectors or "Lister’s" will carry photo identification and have a sign on their cars. A description of their cars and license plate numbers will be on file with the Hartford Police Department (295-9425) and the Assessor's Office.  The Assessor suggests that homeowners request identification before granting anyone permission to enter your home or business.

During this process data collectors will visit residential and commercial properties to physically measure a building's exterior and do an inspection of the interior, exterior and take exterior photos. Building characteristics such as, size, age, quality of construction, construction materials, improvements, story height and condition are noted. To ensure a home or business is inspected, a homeowner or company representative must sign a property record card to verify the inspection. The entire process takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

The Assessor’s Office appreciates your cooperation and assistance with this program.  Lister’s generally work between 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. There will be an initial attempt to enter a property; if no one is at the home or business on that occasion a letter will be sent to homeowners and business owners to call and schedule an appointment at his/her convenience.

Your cooperation is essential to having an accurate accounting of your property and equitable assessment thru out the community. 

Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions, 295-3077 or
email us at listers@hartford-vt.org .