What is Vermont Alert?
Vermont Alert, or VT-Alert for short, can issue alerts about pending disasters, weather conditions, traffic and road issues, public health notifications, and countless other issues or events that could affect Vermonters or their loved ones.

Vermont Alert (http://vtalert.gov) is a free service for users. It allows the public to sign up for and receive notifications through a number of delivery systems such as text, e-mail, telephone, or game console. Users will create accounts, chose their local area, select what types of alerts they wish to receive, and identify which delivery system they wish to use to receive those notifications.

Vermont Alert is hosted and maintained by the Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, but is available to emergency responders state-wide for use in alerting people in their local jurisdictions.

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1. What is Vermont Alert?
2. How do I customize which alerts I receive?
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4. I missed my contact verification. Can it be rescheduled?
5. I’m not by my phone. Can I schedule when the verification call happens?
6. What should I do if I never received my enrollment confirmation email?
7. How do I change my username and password?
8. I forgot my password how do I retrieve it?
9. I have an imported account. How do I log in?
10. My Cell Carrier is not in the drop down. What should I do now?
11. Why does the system default me to a different carrier than the one I have?
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13. Is there a way to receive alerts without creating an account?
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15. What do the different shades of geometries mean on the map?
16. Why am I receiving a voice message on my phone even though I’ve never signed up?
17. Why am I receiving a Text message on my phone even though I’ve never signed up?
18. Is there an App for that?
19. Who can I talk with if I still have questions?