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1. What is Vermont Alert?
2. How do I customize which alerts I receive?
3. I’m going on vacation. Can I pause alerts?
4. I missed my contact verification. Can it be rescheduled?
5. I’m not by my phone. Can I schedule when the verification call happens?
6. What should I do if I never received my enrollment confirmation email?
7. How do I change my username and password?
8. I forgot my password how do I retrieve it?
9. I have an imported account. How do I log in?
10. My Cell Carrier is not in the drop down. What should I do now?
11. Why does the system default me to a different carrier than the one I have?
12. Can my Agency use VT-Alert?
13. Is there a way to receive alerts without creating an account?
14. Can I use the website to receive alerts without adding any contacts?
15. What do the different shades of geometries mean on the map?
16. Why am I receiving a voice message on my phone even though I’ve never signed up?
17. Why am I receiving a Text message on my phone even though I’ve never signed up?
18. Is there an App for that?
19. Who can I talk with if I still have questions?