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Hartford, Vermont

Map of the area

Hartford is made up of 5 Villages:

Hartford, West Hartford, Quechee, Wilder and White River Junction.  

Hartford Village has a diverse residential and commercial history, producing at times chairs, tools, lumber, carriages, grist, and textiles. It has many historic houses and buildings and was the birth site of Horace Wells, who was the first dentist to use "Laughing Gas" as an anesthesia. The Village is on the National Register as a Historic District, and the Historical Society (pictured above) has a museum with artifacts from the town's history. The local library and church are on the National Register of Historic Places on their own merit.

What is a Village?

Village vs Town

Most people live in villages and towns. Although some may opt to live in cities and other urban areas, there are still a lot of people who prefer the peace and quiet of rural living. Villages and towns are not as densely populated, not as polluted, and certainly not as fast-paced as cities.

While they are both located in rural areas and while they both have a fresher and cleaner environment, villages and towns have several differences that makes them distinct from each other. One would be their land areas. Villages have smaller land areas than towns since towns are actually villages that have expanded or extended annexing nearby villages and because they have a larger land area than villages, it follows that towns have larger populations than villages.


Villages of


West Hartford

White River Junction




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