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Department of Public Works Water Division

A staff of four full-time employees maintain and operate the water systems in both Wilder and Quechee.

The Wilder Pump Station and Treatment Plant serve the villages of Wilder, White River Junction and Hartford. The source of supply for the system is a groundwater aquifer with an estimated potential yield of 3.0 mad. Water is drawn from the aquifer from single gravel packed well, which has an approved pumping rate of 1000 gpm. Once drawn from the well, water is filtered to remove excessive manganese and treated with sodium hypochlorite to provide disinfections.

Once treated, water is supplied to the distribution system and to two storage facilities, a 1.5 million gallon cast-in-place concrete tank adjacent to the Hartford/Norwich town line, and a 1.0 million gallon pre-stressed concrete tank immediately north of the Hartford Public Safety building.

An emergency connection also exists between Hartford and Lebanon, NH, for emergency purposes.

The Quechee system includes a gravel-packed well withdrawing water from a groundwater aquifer, a 100,000 gallon concrete storage tank, a
30,000 gallon concrete storage tank, a 54,000 gallon storage tank and a remote pumping system, a 132,000 gallon storage tank and remote pumping system, and one additional remote pumping system.

After water is withdrawn from the well, it is treated with sodium hypochlorite to provide disinfections.

Water Quality Assurance

We are required to provide weekly water sample test results to the Vermont Water Supply Division to assure compliance with water quality standards. The water division has recently provided a Consumer Confidence Report to all users of both the Wilder and Quechee systems which notes system specifics and results of all the water quality sampling conducted for calendar year 1998; additional copies of this report are available at the Public Works office.

As a recognition of the efforts by our staff, the Town of Hartford Water Department received a "Certificate of Achievement" from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation for outstanding achievement in the management of a public water system for the year 1998.

Similar to the requirements of the wastewater division, permits are required for connection to the Town system and for reservation of allocation and are available at the Public Works office.

The Water Division maintains the main water distribution system and the resident is responsible for maintenance of their private service lines, other the water meter.

If any problems are experienced, please call the Public Works Office at (802) 295-3622 during normal business hours, or (802) 295-9425 during nights and weekends.













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