The Wastewater Division is responsible for the maintenance of the collection, pumping and treatment systems in both Quechee and the White River Junction area.

The White River Junction system serves the villages of White River Junction, Wilder and Hartford Village. The collection system includes 7 pump stations, which, in addition to the gravity collection mains, direct discharge to an extended aeration treatment facility with a current design capacity of 1.25 mgd; flows at this time are averaging 0.94 mgd. A total of 6 employees work within the White River system.

Quechee System
The Quechee system, staffed by 3 employees, serves the village of Quechee. In addition to an extensive collection system, there are 13 pump stations, which contribute flow to a tertiary treatment facility. This facility has a design capacity of 0.30 mgd and is currently operating at an average flow of 0.18 mgd. The Quechee system also includes a total of 24 subsurface disposal systems.

Division & Resident Responsibilities
The wastewater division maintains the main wastewater collection and disposal system and the resident is responsible for maintenance of their private service lines. If any problems are being experienced, please call the Public Works office at 802-295-3622 during normal business hours or 802-295-9425 during nights and weekends.

New Construction
For new construction, which will require services from the wastewater system, a permit to connect to the system and an agreement reserving allocation of flow capacity is required. These permits are available at the Public Works office.