Assessor's Office

It's That Time of Year for Permit Inspections!!

Our office will be closed on Thursdays and Fridays
from 9am to 4pm for the next three weeks.

The parcel cards are always available thru the online web service, see the 'online' link below.

We will be driving about in a Silver Toyota Tacoma Truck with the Hartford Seal on the doors.

Department of Property Valuation (Assessor's Office)

As a result of the 2017 Charter Changes that were approved by the Town at Town Meeting and ratified by the legislature, the Office of the Listers has been changed to the Office of the Assessor's, under the direction of Town Manager.

Since Kevin Stuart was elected at the same time as the charter change vote, he will be in place until his term expires or he resigns. 

What does this mean for the town?  There will be no more elected Listers.   The duties will be done by a professional assessing staff .

Why was the change made?  For over past 20 years assessment has been performed by a professional staff with oversight by elected officials (Listers).  It has been very difficult to fill these positions and was interfering with the statutory requirements to complete the work.  Listers have had a minor role in Hartford for many years.  So to alleviate the filing issues, officer vacancies and other issues a change was made to the Hartford Town Charter .

Will this affect my assessments?  No, you will receive the same services you have been receiving.

Assessor                       Michelle Wilson
Assistant Assessor       Cristina Tardie
Lister - expires 3-20     Kevin Stuart, elected

Responsibilities of the Office

Our primary responsibility is to appraise and assess all real property in town in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes. In most instances, this will be fair market value. This includes annual maintenance such as updating changes resulting from building permits, structural changes or improvements to the property, as well as periodic revaluations.

In addition, the office provides

  • Assessment history information
  • Detailed explanation of the assessment process
  • Property Record Cards
  • Specialized reports
  • Tax maps, which are periodically updated to correspond with survey changes

Tax Map Discrepancies

Should there be a discrepancy between our acreage and what you believe you actually own, we will need a recorded survey prior to changing our records. We do want to stress that the tax maps are an approximation of property lines used for listing purposes only. They are not considered a legal document and cannot be used to determine actual boundaries. 


The 2017 Assessment Property Cards and Tax Maps  are  available by clicking this link-- online or in person at the town office.  

You can now print both the simple version and the complete office version of the parcel card as well as the tax map for any property in town online!

2017 Rates 

   Tax Rates: Set in July 
         Homestead:           $1.5800 
         Non Residential:   $1.5524    
       Municipal :               $  .9579
   Assessment levels
Common Level of Appraisal (CLA): 98.8%
     Coefficient of Dispersion (COD): 8.6%

      2016 EQ study CLA: 100.25%  and 

COD: 11.12%        

Concerns & Questions
Should you have any concerns regarding your current assessment, general questions or suggestions, please feel free to call us 802-295-3077 or email us at