Assessor's Office

Due to COVID 19, the Assessor’s Office will be working from a hybrid model through the spring of 2022. If you need an appointment with the Assessor place call 802-295-3077 to schedule.

If you are in need of a lister card or tax map information, please visit Beacon Schneider website at:

Important dates:
June 1st  2021  - The Assessor filled the 2021 Abstract Grand List with the Town Clerk.
June 16th 2021 - Last day to file Grievance form.
June 21st-23rd - Grievance Hearings
June 25th - Grand List became As Billed
July 6th - Select board approved Tax Rates: 
                          Town & Education Homestead $2.6608
                          Town & Education Non-Resident $2.7556
     *Tax rate is applied per 100 Assess value


 Our primary responsibility is to assess all real property in town in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes. In most instances, this will be fair market value. This includes annual maintenance such as updating changes resulting from building permits, structural changes or improvements to the property, as well as periodic revaluations.

In addition, the office provides

  • Assessment history information
  • Explanation of the assessment process
  • Property Record Cards
  • Tax maps, which are updated annually (As of April 1st)  to correspond with survey changes

Tax Map Discrepancies

Should there be a discrepancy between our acreage and what you believe you actually own, we will need a recorded survey prior to changing our records. We do want to stress that the tax maps are an approximation of property lines used for listing purposes only. They are not considered a legal document and cannot be used to determine actual boundaries. 

FY2022 Education Property Tax Rate is available on PVR (Property Valuation and Review) website as well as Prior Year Rates:


Assessment levels (Redetermination published February 17th 2021 by PVR)

  Equalized Education property Value: 1,488,736,000 
    Common Level of Appraisal (CLA): 93.33%
    Coefficient of Dispersion (COD): 11.61%

See below link to Equalization Study