Upper Valley Haven

The Upper Valley Haven, Inc., a non-profit shelter for the homeless, was open 332 days during the fiscal year of July 1998 to June 1999. During this time we slept an average of 12 people per night. We also had to turn away an average of 2 requests for housing per day open. The shelter served 120 individuals which included 30 families and 66 children.

More information available at http://uppervalleyhaven.org/

Services & Programs
Food Shelf
The Food Shelf distributed food to 3,380 individuals and families at an average of a weeks worth of food per person. This translates into approximately 70,980 meals.

Free Clothing Room
The free clothing room provided clothing to over 1,000 families. The Haven educational programs aimed at getting people back to work and stabilized in housing served 138 individuals and families helping them to gain valuable skills, to grow in self-esteem and to live independently. Their needs to access entitlement programs and other emergency services decreased as they gain new skills.

Teaching Center
Our teaching center is used by many helping organizations in the Upper Valley, their programs serving many of the same people we work with. The center averaged about 2 groups a day, 7 days a week. The Haven was supported by over 6,000 volunteer hours.

Shelter Advocate Program
The shelter advocate program started in 1996 has continued to do well and been a tremendous support system and resource for the homeless families staying in the shelter. The program has been expanded to include an aftercare component that allows us to continue to work with families once they leave the shelter.

Children's Programming
We have started doing special programming with the children staying in the shelter, providing a playgroup 3 mornings a week for the 0-5 age group, an after school program 2 days a week, field trips and special seasonal activities.

The Haven has sought throughout this past year to work in partnership with other organizations to help resolve or meet the needs of many of our families. These partnerships help to get agencies working together and help all concern to save money through the sharing of expenses for needed programs.

The Haven is currently researching the possibility of expansion in the near future. We would like to expand our shelter space and our educational programs as we are still in the position of having to turn away many requests for assistance.

The Board of Directors, the Director and the Staff of the Haven are deeply grateful to all the area residents who have so generously supported our efforts financially, with donations of food, clothing, their time and energy.

We are also indebted to the following organizations for their support and cooperation in our efforts to serve the Upper Valley:
  • Area agencies
  • Businesses
  • Fire Department
  • Hospitals
  • Local clergy and their churches
  • Police Department
  • Town of Hartford
Contact for More Information
If you would like to visit the Haven or have a question please contact Shelter Director Mary Feeney at 802-296-5995.