Vermont Center for Independent Living

Since 1979, The Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL) has been teaching people with significant disabilities and the deaf how to gain more control over their lives and how to access tools and services to live more independently. VCIL employees conduct public education, outreach, individual advocacy and systems change advocacy to help promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities into community life.

Services Provided
Preliminary data for our Fiscal Year 2010 (October 1, 2009, to September 30, 2010)) show that VCIL responded to over 1,550 requests from individuals, agencies and community groups for information, referral and assistance and program services for individuals living with a disability. VCIL Peer Advocate Counselors (PACs) provided 1-on-1 peer counseling to 535 individuals to help increase their independent living skills and assisted 315 households with financial and/or technical assistance to make their bathrooms and/or entrances accessible.

We provided 255 individuals with assistive technology and delivered meals to 485 individuals through our Meals on Wheels (MOW) program for individuals with disabilities under the age of 60.

Office Locations
VCIL’s central office is located in downtown Montpelier and we now have 5 branch offices in:
  • Bennington County
  • Chittenden County
  • Orleans County
  • Rutland County
  • Windham County
Our peer advocate counselors are available to people with disabilities throughout Vermont.

Programs Offered to Hartford
During Fiscal Year10, 24 residents of Hartford received services from the following programs:
  • Home Access Program (HAP)
  • Information, Referral and Assistance
  • Meals on Wheels Program (MOW) (over $5,000 spent on peers)
  • Peer Advocacy Counseling Program (PAC) (over $800 in PAC hours)
  • Sue Williams Freedom Fund (SWFF) (over $2,300 spent on peers)
More Information
To learn more about VCIL, please call VCIL’s toll-free I-Line at: 800-639-1522, or, visit our website.