Historic Preservation Commission

The Hartford Historic Preservation Commission was formed in February, 1993. Its charge is to:
  • create and maintain a system for the survey and inventory of historic properties within Hartford;
  • review nominations of properties that are under consideration for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places;
  • seek and prepare applications for funding for preservation activities;
  • advise and assist individuals, Boards, and Commissions on matters relating to the preservation of historic resources; and
  • perform additional responsibilities as required.
Certified Local Government
The Town of Hartford is one of fourteen Certified Local Governments (CLG) designated by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation. As a CLG, Hartford is eligible for assistance and funding through the Division.

Commission Meetings, Members, Agendas and Minutes
The Historic Preservation Commission consists of five members, each of whom serves a three-year term. A majority of the Commissioners reside in the Town of Hartford and are chosen for their interest, knowledge, or professional skills in the areas of history, architecture, archeology, historic preservation, American studies, architectural history, anthropology, planning, or related subjects.

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Historic Properties
The Town of Hartford has a total of 449 buildings that are included on the National Register of Historic Places. This includes eight historic districts: Downtown White River Junction, Quechee Mill Village, Hartford Village, Terraces (White River Junction), Wilder Village, Jericho Rural Area, Christian Street Rural Area and West Hartford Village. 

Recent Accomplishments and Special Projects
In addition to individual and district nominations to the Federal National Register of Historic Places, the Commission has completed Oral History projects, Historic District Brochures, a barn census, Phase I of the Historic Sites and Structures Survey and the installation of Historic District signs. The Commission has recently completed a business oral history project.
Historic Brochures
Christian Street
Hartford Village
West Hartford
Wilder Village
White River Junction  
The focus of the 2012 oral history segment was to capture the life of the farming communities that has spanned generations and been a critical chapter in Vermont's history.  In a town where two active dairy farms remain of the once dozens and dozens, and barns have long since been removed, documenting these foundations of the Town's history comes at a critical time.
Enjoy the Hartford Agricultural Oral History Project 2012 Report (read)
Below you will find the individual interviews for each interviewee participating in the report.  If you wish to review, simply click on the name of interest.
Nellie Bagley and Pat Bagley 
David Brown - Transcript 1 and Transcript 2
Barbara (Luce) Bagley and Scott Luce 
Gary Clay
Fred Davis and Betty Davis
John Eastman, David Eastman, Harold Eastman, Cindy Morris
Pat Goodrich and Wanda Welch
Carol Luce Hardy
Harris Lyman and Mary Lyman
Minta Koloski and Bunny Koloski (unavailable at this time)
George Miller and Linda Miller
Marty Lyman
Larry Potwin
Doug Punt
Mary Rogers
Peter Schaal
Chuck Wooster
Harold Wright

Business Oral History Summary Report

Review the Hartford Business Oral History Summary Report (PDF) of September 30, 2014.

Interested in Getting Involved ???
If you have any suggestions for preservation projects or National Register nominations, please contact Matt Osborn at mosborn@hartford-vt.org