Tree Board

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  • 3rd Tuesday of each month.Click here to view the 2019 Meeting Schedule.
  • Agendas and Minutes can be found in the Agenda Center
Member Email Phone
Karen Watson, Chair 802-295-3907
Tim Covell, Vice Chair 802-922-4066
Clare Forseth, Interim Secretary 802-299-1392
Carole Haehnel, Treasurer 802-295-3974
Jeff Arnold, Member 802-296-2077
Deborah Milne, Member 802-272-9020
Kathryn Lamb 802-295-6118
Scott Hausler, Liaison 802-295-5036
Dan Fraser, Liaison 802-291-4091
Brad Goedkoop, Tree Warden 802-295-9908
Kevin Stuart, Liaison 802-376-5838
To plant and maintain public trees and advocate for community tree stewardship

Tree Stewardship
Tree Steward Information (PDF)