Recycling At Events

Managing Waste At Events

Vermont law requires that producers/hosts of large and small events must make sure that event staff, volunteers, attendees, and vendors understand and adhere to recycling and waste management requirements.


Typical materials generated at events are listed below. For more information about recycling how-to see:

                                                Accepted Recyclable Materials

Paper Glass Containers
White & Colored
Softcover books
Paper bags
Wrapping Paper
All glass bottles & jars
Cardboard Plastic #1,2,5 (PETE & HDPE):  Hard containers only- No Styrofoam No Film/Wrap/Bags
Corrugated cardboard (no food, but oil ok)
Paperboard (cereal & cracker boxes, paper towel cores)
Frozen food boxes (only if it rips)
Milk Jugs
Soda, juice & water bottles
Plastic clamshell containers

                                        Materials NOT ACCEPTED for Recycling

mirror glass, light bulbs, glass dishes, ceramics, foam packaging, styrofoam, juice/drink/wine/milk/cream/half&half cartons, hot beverage cups, plastic bags, hazardous materials (fuels, cleaners, etc.)

Waste/Recycling haulers that serve the Hartford area: