Climate Advisory Committee

2021 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agendas/Minutes/Videos


A) To take action or make recommendations to the Selectboard for the furtherance of their solutions identified in A Joint Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency.

B) To make recommendations to the Selectboard regarding the Town requirement to achieve carbon neutrality by 2027.

C) To collaborate with members of, or parallel committees from, the School Board, Town of Hartford, and neighboring towns.


Erik Krauss, Chair

Courtney Williamson, Vice Chair

Jack Spicer, Clerk

Ana Mejia

Lucas R. Gilbert

Ana Mejia

Rachel Edens, Selectboard Liason

Make a Positive Difference for Hartford 

In December 2019 the Town of Hartford and the Hartford School District adopted the historic Joint Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency, setting in motion an urgently needed positive first step for the good of our entire community.


The Town of Hartford’s Climate Advisory Committee (CAC) was formed to put the Resolution into action. Now, the time has come to once again engage the entire community in shaping the future of Hartford for the betterment of all residents and business owners.


Volunteers are needed to help us create an Action Plan. Working on a tight deadline, and with the help of the CAC and paleBLUEdot, a climate action-planning consultancy, we must gather together to build a plan that ensures that Hartford thrives even as it works to mitigate the impacts of climate change on all and to adapt to the changing climate.


Creative solutions and a wide array of perspectives are essential to our success. Hartford residents, as well as residents of Lebanon, Hanover, Norwich and the environs are welcome. Representatives from local government, public agencies, local colleges/universities, the business community, environmental groups, social equity groups, and the general community are needed.


Eight general working groups are envisioned; individuals with experience or interest in any of these areas are encouraged to identify one or more areas of interest as part of their contribution to the planning team.

✔ transportation and land  use

✔ waste   management

✔ local food and  agriculture

✔ energy and the built  environment

✔ health and   safety

✔ water, wastewater management, flood control

✔ greenspaces

✔ economic development and the climate economy

Join us!

Our community must act to make sure that the good faith intention of the Joint Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency is translated into practical, transparent, and measurable action.


The Commitment:

Climate Action Team volunteers will participate in four workshops over the course of several months to explore, review, prioritize, and refine elements of the Climate Action Plan. The expected time commitment is in the range of 20-30 hours.


Contact:    Hartford Climate Advisory Committee Chair, Erik Krauss at