Positions to Be Elected for Town-School Meeting

2023 Hartford Annual Town & School District Meeting

Hartford Positions to Be Elected on March 7, 2023

Candidate petitions and consent forms must be submitted no later than 5 pm on January 30, 2023 to the Hartford Town Clerk.

Forms are available on the Vermont Secretary of State website.

School District

  • Moderator-School District (One-year term)
  • School Board (Two-year term)
  • School Board (Three-year term)


  • Moderator-Town (One-year term)
  • Treasurer (Three-year term)
  • Select Board (Two-year term)
  • Select Board (Three-year term)
  • West Hartford Library Trustee (Five-year term)
  • West Hartford Library Trustee (remaining Four years of Five-year term)