CATV Channels 8 & 10

Produced by & for You

CATV is the Upper Valley's public access station. And it is here solely for the citizens of the Upper Valley to:

  • Debate local issues
  • Entertain
  • Inform
  • Showcase our young athletes and musicians
  • In some cases, offend

It is freedom of speech, the right to know, or just plain ol' fun - all at our fingertips.

Hartford Programming

As 1 of 5 cities and towns that support CATV through franchise fees, residents of Hartford receive benefits that non-supporting towns do not. These include taping and broadcasting of:

  • Graduations
  • Public forums
  • School board meetings
  • School concerts
  • Selectboard meetings
  • Sports
  • Town-related events

Selectboard and school board meetings are usually broadcast the day after the initial meeting. Our website keeps you up to date on our weekly schedules. Also, both board meetings will be downloaded on our website at the same address.

Submit Tapes & Produce Programming

Any Hartford resident or organization can submit tapes for broadcasting on CATV. Also, announcements for events around town whether it's a concert on the green, rummage sale, pancake breakfast, etc. can be included on our community bulletin board.

We also have a studio located at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center which any resident of our supporting towns may use to produce programming.

Just a reminder that community participation is vital to our mission of providing local programming. So, stop by sometime - we'd be happy to show you around!