Where do I find my new assessment?

Once the 'Notice of Change of Appraisal' is sent, you will be able to go online and view your new parcel card. The Assessor's office can correct anything you find amiss in your information before the Abstract Values are set.

The Abstract Values are what is filed with the town clerk as the official preliminary list. This begins the Grievance Process (see Appeals/Grievance for an overview of that process). Once the grievance hearings were completed, the updated Grand List values were set and filed with the town clerk. These values were utilized in the process to set and bill taxes.

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1. What Is a 're-evaluation'?
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3. Where do I find my new assessment?
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13. Who may I call if I have questions or additional concerns?
14. What if I am unhappy with my taxes, can I grieve them with the Listers?
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16. What if I disagree with the value resulting from the reappraisal?