Hartford Committee on Housing and Homelessness

On July 26, 2022, the Hartford Selectboard created the Hartford Committee on Housing and Homelessness. The charge of the committee is to support the increase of Hartford’s affordable housing stock as well as Hartford residents’ well-being and access to stable housing, with actions that might include the following:

  1. Identifying, tracking and reporting metrics regarding housing stock in Hartford and the state of Hartford’s unhoused, unsheltered and housing insecure communities.
  2. Identifying regulatory obstacles within State and local legislation to the creation and occupation of affordable housing in Hartford.
  3. Assessing strengths and gaps regarding Hartford’s housing stock and local and regional services and opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity.
  4. Collecting mission statements and summaries of existing efforts of local and regional entities dedicated to addressing the region's housing crisis.
  5. Creating an Affordable Housing Master Plan to identify current and potential future need for affordable housing including scenarios anticipating climate immigration and migration potentials (Climate Action Plan Section CE 2-2).
  6. Supporting housing-related town planning and development initiatives such as updating the Town Plan Housing Chapter.
  7. Supporting outreach and opportunities for regional collaboration between the Core 4 Towns to address housing and homelessness issues.

The Committee be constituted by no more than six Hartford residents, including one Selectboard Member, and up to one member of staff at the discretion of the Town Manager for a total of seven members. Each member shall have equal weight in discussion and voting.

Committee members shall serve two-year terms beginning on the date of appointments, which may be renewed up to three times for a total of six years at the discretion of the Selectboard. This Committee shall be a standing committee and shall serve until discontinued by motion of the Selectboard.

Interested individuals can apply to be a member of the committee here:


Applications will be open until November 4 at 5pm to be reviewed by the Selectboard on November 15 2022.  Applicants will be expected to attend that meeting.