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To protect wildlife habitat, please stay on designated trails. View a Map.


Hartford has approximately 10,000 residents, making it Vermont’s 9th largest town population. Hartford is made up of approximately 29,434 acres, 80% of this land remains undeveloped and 92% is privately owned. These forests, agricultural lands, surface and ground water resources provide economic resources, wildlife habitats, scenic views, recreational opportunities and a rural landscape highly valued by residents and visitors. The present abundance and quality of our natural resources reflects the care and stewardship of many past and present Hartford landowners

The HCC appreciates the critical stewardship that private landowners provide both in the past and present. Future stewardship is essential to maintain and enhance Hartford’s natural resources as expected economic growth, population gain, and climate change increase the pressures on our natural environment. The HCC is committed to helping private landowners in their conservation and environmental efforts that are essential to maintaining our Town’s natural resources. We welcome inquiries.

There are many Vermont and New England based organizations that can provide conservation and environmental assistance for specific subjects that may interest a private landowner.  If you wish to visit these sites, please see the Informational Brochure

Grassland Birds

Grassland bird species Bobolink, Savannah Sparrow and Eastern Meadowlark can be found in the Upper Valley. Are you an landowner with open fields, pastures or grasslands? Learn about bird ecology and management practices to support grassland nesting birds. The following is a link to the Vermont Center for Ecostudies webpage on grassland birds:
link to the VLT webinar
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Informational Brochures10 documents

  • Clean Water
  • Fragmentation
  • Invasive Insects
  • Invasive Plants
  • Land Conservation
  • Living with Black Bears
  • Recommended Plants
  • Riparian Buffer
  • Vernal Pools
  • Wildlife Habitat

Town Forest Management Plan3 documents

  • Town Forest Management Plan Town Forest 2020
  • Town Forest Resource Management Plan 2009
  • Town Forest Recreation Management Plan 2002

Hartford Town Forest & Hurricane Forest Report10 documents

  • Amphibian Inventory
  • Audubon Bird Habitat Assessment Habitat Units Map
  • Audubon Bird Habitat Assessment References
  • Audubon Bird Habitat Assessment Report
  • Audubon Bird Habitat Assessment Terminology
  • Audubon Responsibility Species Fact Sheet
  • Gardening for Life
  • Hartford Natural Resources Map
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessment - Bat Inventory (PDF)
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessment (PDF)

Annual Newsletters9 documents

  • 2015 Annual Conservation Newsletter

View an archive of annual conservation newsletters8 documents

  • Conservation Commission Newsletter 2015 - Dewey's Pond & Deadwood
  • Conservation Newsletter 2014 - Living with Bears - (PDF).pdf
  • Conservation Newsletter 2013 - Butterflies/Landscaping for Wildlife (PDF).pdf
  • Conservation Newsletter 2012 - Native Bees/Hartford Floods (PDF).pdf
  • Conservation Newsletter 2011 - Monarch Butterfly/Forest Bird Habitat (PDF).pdf
  • Conservation Newsletter 2010 - Bobcats/Town Forest (PDF).pdf
  • Conservation Newsletter 2009 - Flying Squirrels/Water Conservation/Low Impact Development (PDF).pdf
  • Conservation Newsletter 2008 - Wildlife/Invasive Insects (PDF).pdf