WRJ Design Review

White River Junction’s natural beauty and visual and historic character are important assets to the town, and contribute substantially to its economic base. In order to protect and enhance these attributes, the design review process ensures that development considers

  • Existing architecture
  • Sign placement and design
  • Site layout
  • Streetscape design

Although reuse of existing buildings is encouraged wherever possible, new construction is appropriate when designed with sensitivity to the historic character and design features in the district. Specific recommendations for development and redevelopment of the downtown are made in the:

These documents incorporated into the Zoning Regulations by reference. 

Within this designated district, all structures that are erected, reconstructed, altered, restored, moved, or demolished, or any type of land development, such as fencing, landscaping and signs, must be in compliance with the Design Review sections detailed in the bylaw. Not all improvements require review by the 5-member Design Review Committee, which makes recommendations to the Planning Commission. 

To find out more, contact Lori Hirshfield at 802-295-3075 or or by email.

Meeting Schedule, Members, Agendas and Minutes



  • Denise Welch-May, Chair (04-19-24)
  • Jonathan Schechtman, Vice Chair (03-07-25)
  • Sara Ferguson (10-04-24)
  • Anita Hamalainen (11-15-24)
  • Larsen Burns (08-22-25)
  • Kim Souza, Selectboard Liaison

If you wish to correspond with Members by mail please address to171 Bridge Street, White River Junction, VT 05001?To leave a message please call 802-295-3075.

More Information

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