Member Term Email
MIchael Hoyt, Chair 3 year term ending 3/2023
Dan Fraser, Vice Chair 3 year term ending 3/2024
Lannie Collins 2 year term ending 3/2023
Kim Souza 2 year term ending 3/2022
Ally Tufenkjian 3 yr term ending 3/2022
Mary Erdei
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Policies9 documents

  • SB Policy #17 Fraud Prevention Policy
  • SB Policy #18 Identity Theft Protection Policy
  • SB Policy #19 Investment Policy
  • SB Policy #2 Conflict of Interest
  • SB Policy #5 Social Service Appropriation Policy
  • SB Policy #16 Asset Capitalization Policy
  • SB Policy #3 Liquor Control Policies and Procedures
  • SB Policy #4 Personnel: Revised.2013.12.06
  • SB Policy #6 Purchasing Policy 2017

Liquor Control Policies and Procedures2 documents

  • Hartford Liquor Control Policies and Procedures
  • Vermont Department of Liquor Application Forms